Testimonio de Jeremy Rivera- Home Field Hunter Leadership

Jeremy nos habla de sus comienzos en el béisbol, su desarrollo en la Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy, su experiencia en el nivel colegial y sus metas en el béisbol profesional.



Q&A with Jeremy Rivera

Jeremy Rivera talks about his childhood hero, how he developed at Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy, his college baseball experience and his new goals as a professional baseball player.
HFH: We are here with Jeremy Rivera for hfh-florida.com. Today we are going to make an interview to Jeremy just hours away before he goes and report to Boston Red Sox Minor League Spring Training.
HFH: Jeremy, when and where do you start playing baseball?
Jeremy: I started playing baseball in Aguada, Puerto Rico at 4 years old.
HFH: Very young!
HFH: Growing up who was your favorite player and team?
Jeremy: At that time was Derek Jeter because growing up I was a Yankee fan but thanks God things changed…(paused)
HFH: Now you are a Bostonian!
Jeremy: Yes..
HFH: Good to hear that!
HFH: At which grade you enroll at Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy?
Jeremy: Since Grade 11 until I finally graduated from high school at Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy
HFH: Grade 11 and 12…
HFH: How do you understand that Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy help you achieve your goals?
Jeremy: Thanks God, the academy prepared me very well because there was a professional staff that developed the skills that I got and they prepared me also physically and mentally to be ready. They warn you about things that you can possibly live in college and professional level because most of them lived that. Their experience helped me a lot going there more prepared.
HFH: Moving to your college live, how was your experience at El Paso (Community College)?
Jeremy: It was a pretty good experience because college baseball league is unforgettable, strong and competitive. Its a very good league and I liked the continuous action. Always baseball, baseball, studies, all.
HFH: How easy or how hard was getting used to the new college live in El Paso?
Jeremy: It was pretty hard because I leave from here without knowing any English. It was a challenge for me but because this was a dream that I got in mind since very young about what I want for my future and that nothing will stop me. I understood that even English wasn’t my language I needed to adjust sooner or later. It wasn’t easy but thank God I succeeded.
HFH: Thats good, so you overcome all the hurdles that you faced there and even learned English in the process…
Jeremy: I learned English and I did all that I needed to do. Also, the Spanish language is common at El Paso because is a border with Mexico but I needed to adjust to English for classroom and coaches.
HFH: Did you felt secure at El Paso?
Jeremy: Yeah, I felt secure. At the beginning we were not a good team but then we link together, players and coaches, we felt like family and I really got used, adjust and like El Paso very much. It was a pretty good experience.
HFH: Do you recommend young players to start working early on the English so they adjust better when they go to college?
Jeremy: Yes! I always thought that I didn’t need to learn English because my family were good English speakers so I believed I got it naturally but when I was there alone I realized that what people advised me before was real, I need the English and what can I do now? I work on it step by step until I learned it. It wasn’t perfect but I survived until I got it better.
HFH: So you recommend they do the early learning on English ah?
Jeremy: Yes!
HFH: During which moment of the year you realized that you could get Drafted from El Paso?
Jeremy: Never. I had always wanted to draft and sign as a professional player but I never put pressure on myself. My friends told me various times that I could sign because the scouts were filming and watching me constantly. So I thought that I needed to continue doing things right, working and playing hard, making all the routine plays as normal, giving all my effort without putting pressure on my mind that scouts were watching me. I always continue to do all that and finally 1-2 weeks before Draft I found out that there was a good chance for me to got selected.
HFH: How do you felt when you listened to your named called at Draft day?
Jeremy: Emotion because I wasn’t expecting it. People told me that I was going to be selected in lower rounds so I wasn’t expecting at the moment until Gerald (classmate and teammate at Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy and El Paso Community College) called me and congratulated me. I told him why, today isn’t my birthday. He told me that I was just being selected. I was expecting and watching the Draft until Round 15 because I was told that my selection was going to happen between rounds 8-14. So Gerald congratulate me about my selection and right away the scout called me too to congratulate me and I felt emotion, I was shocked, I wasn’t expecting that. Then, all my family came to hug me, congratulate and celebrate. It was another pretty good experience.
HFH: Good!
HFH: Now, what are your plans and goals in the professional level?
Jeremy: My plan is to continue working hard and all my best. Working to maximum level until I can reach. As everybody, I want to make it to the Big Leagues, thats the common goal. I have to continue working hard until I reach what God have for me, never quit and move forward.
HFH: Last year you were invited to Instructional League. Thats an invitation that isn’t for everybody. We saw you play in our Academy trip to Ft. Myers. For us, watching you and Monge there, both Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy Alumni, was a pretty good event too. How did you feel about being invited to Instructional League?
Jeremy: I felt really good because even the coaches told us that this was an exclusive invitation not for everybody. That we were a chosen group. So I realized now I have to focus more than ever on my goal because I am here with the prospects. I need to move forward, doing my thing and never quit because you should never quit in life.
HFH: Last question, what message do you want to send to the youngsters?
Jeremy: The message I want to give them is never quit. Look at me, I had always be small. Growing up in Aguada, I never saw scouts,never. And when scouts finally saw me they praised my hands, speed, switch hitting abilities but I was too small for them. I never gave too much attention to that so it can’t frustrate me. I told myself this is all I had since child, this is all I know to do, I trusted me, I moved forward and my family supports me. I always gave all my maximum effort, continue moving forward without listening. Also, thank you Carlos (Home Field Hunter through Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy) for giving me the opportunity finding a junior college where I went to work, work, and work until the opportunity came in.
HFH: Thats a really good message. Youngsters need to know that if it doesn’t happen here, there is a college/university way where they can sign or finish an academic degree. In your case you signed and reached your dream, but even if it wasn’t the case you got the opportunity to finish an academic degree.
Jeremy: Also, it saves money to your parents because academic costs are expensive and not everyone can economically handle that college live. Thats money you can save!
HFH: Thanks Jeremy for your time. I know you are rushing now to the airport. I hope you the best for the new season and  continue climbing the levels. You know, I am positively biased to you because I am a Red Sox fan so I hope to see you soon in the middle infield at Fenway Park. 
Jeremy: Thanks Carlos!
HFH: Thank you Jeremy! I want to salute all hfh-florida.com followers and fans. We are releasing our new website with this special interview with Jeremy. Expect more interviews and testimonials of young players succeeding in the college or professional level. Thank you!

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