Running Skills

60-Yard Run – This is straight ahead speed and reflects running form and strength. It is not sports specific for baseball. College coaches and professional scouts do value the 60 time as a primary indicator of speed. It is also position specific with higher requirements for more skilled positions.

Home to 1st Base- Timed at bat contact (or simulated) to 1st base contact.

Note: All times are taken by the clocker based on the first movement of the runner. Each skill will be tested twice.

Defensive Skills

Outfield Glove-to-Glove Time – All outfielders start in a 20 foot square grid with the bask line at the 200 foot distance from home plate. The ball must be caught in the square and released before the fielder crosses the 180 foot mark. Three throws will be taken with the average of the top two recorded. The glove-to-glove skill reflects arm strength, throwing mechanics, and accuracy. Each 1/10 of a second represents 2 feet of running time for the average runner.

Outfield Velocity – The outfielder’s arm strength is often compared to that of a pitcher from the mound. Most coaches and pro scouts use this skill along with the 60-yard dash time to project the player into a left field, center field, right field position.

Infielder Glove-to-Glove Time – All infielders (2B, 3B, SS) take the hand thrown ball in a 15 square foot box that represents the normal shortstop position. Each player can advance on the ball to create rhythm and release the ball inside the front edge of the box.

This timed skill represents a combination of throwing mechanics, arm strength, and accuracy. The first baseman throws to 3rd base from a box that is 15 fet square with the front edge marked from 1st to 2nd base. Three throws will be taken with the average of the top two recorded.


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